RESERVED for Lyn B Hard to find dachshund, brown, purple & pink flannel, fleece rag quilt; 10% of PP to charity of buyer's choice

Price: $95

This flannel rag quilt is available as pictured. Please note, the colors may vary slightly in person. Private message me for more details, a better pic, or if you are interested in customizing a different quilt!

The cost of this handmade quilt is $95.00; we will donate 10% of the purchase price (PP) to approved charity of buyer's choice.*

It measures approximately 34 inches wide by 48 inches long, perfect for any dog lover to add to their own or their spoiled dog's collection.

One layer of dachshund print and coordinating flannel fabrics are on the front, sandwiched between one layer of 100% cotton batting, and one layer of brown fleece with tossed dachshunds for the back. There are 8 types of fabrics in this quilt, 1 fleece fabric in this quilt and 6 flannel fabrics:

1. Brown fleece with tossed dachshunds in pink brown and white spots – Also on the back. Out of print and hard to find.
2. Cream flannel with brown dachshunds wearing purple sweaters and hats. This is out of print and hard to find.
3. Hot pink flannel with small white polka dots
4. Light pink flannel with tossed pink flowers
5.Light pink flannel with striped and polka dot filled hearts. This is out of print and hard to find.
6. Dark purple flannel with white outlined hearts
7. Light purple flannel with tossed pin dots
8. White flannel with tossed brown paw prints

Notes about our quilts:
– Our quilts are handmade so every quilt is different.
– Our quilts are made with one layer of 100% Cotton batting sandwiched between 2 layers of flannel (sometimes minky-like and/or fleece) fabric.
– Our quilts are soaked prior to washing to set and prevent the colors from bleeding.
– Our quilts are pre-washed in cold water and dried on delicate setting to give the flannel the ragged look. They will only get softer and more ragged upon washing/drying.
– Our quilts are described to the best of our ability.

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Notes about our shipping policies:
– USPS Flat-rate Priority mail shipping for US orders (excluding West Coast)
– West Coast: Reduced shipping cost at around $9.00, depending on where you live.
– International Shipping to UK and Canada
– ANY excess in shipping will be refunded! Please PM us before checkout and we'll change the method of shipping.

*Notes about our donation: Due to scams, we will only donate to Non-Profit 501(c)(3) organizations. In special circumstances, we will donate towards medical expenses of an animal in need. Approval of charity is required. Also, some organizations do not permit donations in low increments so an alternative charity may be needed.