Organic Puddle Pad Organic Woven Wool Protector Mattress Crib Stokke Mini Bassinett Moses Basket Changing Table New Natural Nursery Bedding

Price: $10

Organic wool puddle pads are a wonderful investment for you, your baby's health and the environment.

This WASHABLE WOOL keeps baby dry and comfortable; protects the mattress.

Small: 10 X 15, $24
Medium: 20 X 30, $36
Moses basket: 12 X 30, $32
Bassinet: 15 X 30, $34
Cradle: 18 X 36 $43
Changing table: 20 X 36, $45
Crib: 30 X 50, $95

FREE SHIPPING in the continental US! Made in Oregon!

Use it in the bassinet, and later in the crib. GREAT for travel. Our wool is never bleached, carbonized, dyed, or treated. Chemical free and repels moisture without rubber or plastic. Sustainable, biodegradable material. Virgin wool is naturally flame resistant. responds to baby's temperature winter or summer, allows air to circulate, keeping your child comfortable always. Durable, long lasting, great moisture barrier and eco-friendly too!

Easy to care for: cold wash, air to cool dry. Please use gentle detergent or Kookaburra Wash.

IMPORTANT: our materials are natural and finished products are hand made. There may be small variances from the item pictured. Hemp and hemp blend fabrics are more substantial and sturdier than 100% cotton fabrics, finished items are made to last and get softer with use and washing when appropriate. Bedding is sized to allow for shrinkage in the first few washes, we do not prewash our textiles or finished products. All bedding item are not returnable, this also applies to custom products. Please see our return policy to verify.

Feel free to call 541-201-0808 if you have any questions!


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