Modern Baby Quilt, Baby Girl Quilt, Nursery Bedding, Purple Quilt, Glamorous Baby Quilt, Teal Quilt

Price: $100

-modern baby quilt full of purples, teals, greens, and pinks
-I'm all cotton materials
-I would make a beautiful baby gift
-I would also look stunning wrapped up in baby for photos
-approximately 30"x40" (shrinkage will occur as all materials are cotton)

-in need (or strong desire) of a quality baby quilt to snuggle with, practice tummy time with, pose with in photos, and cherish for years to come

All quilts are made in my log cabin in the woods of Vancouver Island. My studio is located in a loft above the wood stove. Quilts will be laundered with gentle eco-friendly laundry soap prior to shipping to ensure any "woodsey" scent is eliminated. If you would prefer your quilt not to be washed prior to shipping please say so when purchasing.

Quilts can be machine-washed on gentle cycle and machine-dried on low. Shrinkage may still occur as materials are cotton.

I do ship internationally…simply send me your location for a shipping quote.


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