Modern Baby Boy Quilt Crib Bedding Nursery Blanket Cradle Cot Trendy Contemporary Chic Blue

Modern Baby Boy Quilt-Crib Bedding-Nursery Blanket-Cradle Cot-Trendy-Contemporary-Chic-Blue Brown White

Creating a baby's nursery that supports rest and rejuvenation is a key component to a happy baby. This 38 x 38 inch modern, baby boy nursery quilt will snuggle your little darling as he dreams away in his crib, cot, or cradle. This light-weight quilt is made just like a traditional quilt but without a middle layer. This quilt has been handcrafted in a classic striped design using various size stripes in a mix of blue, brown, cream, teal and stripes designer cotton fabric. The backing and binding are an ecru cotton fabric. I used a double folded machine stitched binding method on the front and back of the quilt. I quilted the two layers together using a double block design.

My quilts can be used for any number of purposes, as a crib or cradle blanket, on the floor for tummy time, as an emergency changing pad to an outdoor nursing cover, protecting your bundle of joy as a stroller awning, hanging it over the crib or on the wall as decoration. The possibilities are endless.

Need your quilt now…no problem. This quilt is a finished product ready for shipping.

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My number one priority is providing great customer satisfaction and quality-made baby quilts. As an online shopper, myself, I am sometimes hesitant about making online purchases. It is hard to touch, feel and look at an item online. If you have any reservations about purchasing from my store, please take a look at my positive customer feedback. I have a lot of happy repeat customers. I guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, simply ship the item back for a full refund.

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Reserved Listing, Pure silk toddler lovey, Personalized Embroidered Baby

Reserved Listing: one navy blue blanket with orange embroidery thread.

Charmeuse silk is truly one of nature's most luxurious treasures. Silk helps prevent hair loss in infants and toddlers. It is also hypoallergenic for kiddos suffering from eczema or allergies.

Pure charmeuse silk is a natural fiver and is considered hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and moisture wicking. It is strong and lusturous but not overly slippery like synthetics.

Mulberry charmeuse silk is NOT the same as "satin polyester", "sateen", or "charmeuse satin polyester" (polyester). Any item that is labeled as such is not real silk (usually rather inexpensive). Unlike silk, satin polyester type fabrics are not natural fibers (man-made) are hot, often stiff, do not breathe well, and are slippery. They also do not contain beneficial health properties.

Real, pure silk is a natural fiber from the cocoons of silk worms (bombyx worms) eating an exclusive diet of mulberry leaves.

My silk fabrics are of the highest quality available and are made and dyed in the US. Your purchase from my shop helps support US jobs and our economy! It is also means fair labor laws which allows me to sleep easier at night.

About this little lovey (convo if you want this in a different color and do not see it listed):

*****This listing is for one monogramed lovey. Please convo me with the name or initials you wish to place on the lovey (exactly as you would like it to appear). The monogram will be placed in a corner of the lovey. The lettering is done in Simple Treasure font (as seen in the photos) and is less than 3/4 inches. Side scrolls are optional and no additional charge.*****

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*****This lovey boast superior craftsmanship and materials to others you will find on the market. It is double layered (silky side on both sides) and is NEVER serged. The two layers are topstitched together giving this lovey a strong, durable and professional finish. It will last as long as it is needed by your little one!*****

*1 lovey or small blanket, measuring 17 x 17 inches (see variations for available colors)
*TWO layers of charmeuse fabric, silky side top and bottom
*Topstitched all the way around for added security
*100% charmeuse silk (mulberry)
*19mm (momme) –High quality weave, Grade A silk, manufactured and made in the USA (even local specialty fabric dealers consider my fabrics top-notch and superior to the silks they carry!)

**For International Purchases: I try to be as close to actual shipping costs as I can. I will refund any shipping overages above $2.00.**

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I include care instructions with each purchase.

(Care instructions off Google) As a general rule, charmeuse can be hand washed with cold water (or alone or with other silk items on delicate machine cycle) and gentle soaps. Rinse well, you can then add ¼ (one-fourth) cup of white vinegar to a clean rinse and rinse again if desired. This will neutralize any soap residue and restore the silk's natural luster. It should be laid out flat or hung to dry, although clotheslined charmeuse should not be attached with clothespins, since they will leave marks. Charmeuse should also not be twisted or contorted while it is wet, because it may set permanent wrinkles in the fabric. THE DRYER IS A NO-NO–it destroys the silks luster!!

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