Jelly Roll Rag Quilt for Baby/Toddler – pink, green, yellow, baby girl, baby shower gift, cuddle blanket

Price: $95

This rag quilt measures approximately 40 x 42 inches – Making this quilt a perfect size for your little one to cuddle up with!

This quilt is keeping up with the latest 'Jelly Roll' trend! It has been made from complimentary fabrics cut into strips and sown together, giving it a very unique 'striped' look.

This warm and inviting quilt has been constructed in the rag style. The interior of each square has batting to make it extra warm and fluffy and an X (or in this case one white zig-zag stitch down the middle) sewn through the center to keep it all in place.

This Rag Quilt has been washed and dried to start the ragging process. The more you wash it the more frayed and fluffy the edges become. This blanket will only get softer and more cuddly with every wash!

This Rag Quilt features 6 various print fabrics which are all 100% cotton flannel. The prints are as follows:
– pink diamond pattern
– pink stars
– pink gingham
– yellow gingham
– green dots
– green diamond pattern

This quilt is reversible, with the exact same pattern on the back, for double the fun!

Quilts are made in a pet-free and smoke-free home.

**Tips for washing your Bedding: Machine wash this quilt on cold and dry on low heat. Make sure the lint trap in your dryer is empty BEFORE drying your quilt. The first couple times you wash it, some stray fibers from the ragged edges may come out, this is perfectly normal and does not damage the quilt in any way–it actually makes it softer & fuzzier!


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