Handmade Baby Gift

Ever done something that you were proud of and yet it took minimal effort on your part to pull off? Ever made a person so happy that you felt guilty for spending so little in giving the favor? If yes, then it is time you did it again, on a grand scale this time. If yes, this point is also for you, you are just about to make your own handmade baby gift basket!

Let’s begin with the simplest suggestion, one that you cannot find a justification not to try. Get on your computer and create some beautiful pictures on several pages and then print them on cardstocks. Additionally, print the name of the baby, vital statistics like birthday, what the name means and a short love message. Use the prints just as they are or pattern them out for painting. When you are done, place them inside a beautiful ready-made picture frame. Alternatively, buy a plain picture frame and then decorate it yourself to match your prints as Handmade Baby Gift.

Handmade Baby Gifts Idea

Handmade Baby Gifts Idea

If for instance you want to give a handmade baby gift to a baby girl, you can purchase a plain white baby shirt in the local clothes store. If you can, also buy a pair of white baby socks. Go home and sew several layers of gorgeous lace, all around the edges such as on the sleeves, at the bottom and also around neck line. Take the socks through the same, sewing lace around the cuffs. From there on, add some bows and several satin flowers, just delicately, on the shirt’s neckline and outside each sock. Remember this sewing can be with a sewing machine or by hand. If this goes well then make the shirt and socks in sets of two. Better still, purchase two or three more shirts and socks, colored mint green, yellow, marvelous pink or powder blue, and then treat them the very same way. While packing the gift, put them in large shirt boxes, each shirt lined with a coordinating pair of socks on top.

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The same can be done for a pair of receiving blankets. Just get two pieces of fabric of matching sizes and print and then sew a ruffled lace all around the three edges of each blanket, thus leaving one edge free of lace. For the lace free edge, you can pattern a bib set or even two, or use decorative ribbons.

Let’s try a handmade baby gift basket now. Get a standard basket from the store and then fill it to the brim with goodies, all in one color, such as baby wipes, diapers, bibs, bonnets, bottles, rattle, teething ring, brush and a comb set, booties, barrettes, teddy bear, pacifier, washcloths and hooded towels etc. settle on either pink, yellow or red as the color which each product must be. After the basket is full, wrap the entire basket in a receiving blanket of the same, same color, before tying the ends at the very top of your basket with a bow of the same color again. You can also add some curled ribbons to decorate the receiving blanket further. Done.

Handmade baby gifts are that easy to make. If you are pressed for time and are not very good with handcrafts, you can buy a quilt, towel, blanket or any item of clothing and embroider flowers and statistics of the baby onto the fabric. A photo frame too can be casually painted with a choice baby gift theme, before printing the baby’s name somewhere on it. That too is a handmade gift, personalized at least, but the keyword is, you have crafted something with your hands to capture the essence of the gift.

A handmade baby gift basket

A handmade baby gift basket

When you have the psyche to make your own handmade  baby gift basket, try out a time capsule. Just collect some magazine and newspaper clippings about key current events, clip some trend and contemporary fashion magazines, a popular toy from current children’s movies, take some photos of the baby’s home, family (parents and siblings), city, etc. Present this information together, documenting every thing in snap shots. The neighborhood, local grocery store, local post office, several popular cars, local schools, and so on and so on, can be the contents of the time capsule. Include some personal notes written by all family members and then your special letter introducing the baby to the world he or she will be in very soon. The information can then be filed and packed in a decorated wooden box, a keepsake for a long, long, time.

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Instead of the same, same boring blankets, try to create a thick and well padded blanket with a cushy surface. The blanket should be very thick, as thick as you can make it even if it means folding it over and meshing it into one, such that it can be used as a mat to sit on when the baby has to sit on hard floor surfaces. Be creative with the mat and include ribbon tags, name plate, flaps with painted or stitched pictures, etc. You can even try to line its bottom with a waterproof fabric to make the mat usable even on wet grass.

There are just so many handmade baby gifts you can fashion out for yourself. From name blocks to mix CD’s with music that mentions and soothes the baby, from handmade books to cut out pictures, all these and more are ideas you can follow through. The fact is, handmade baby gifts will capture the essence of love, care and appreciation you have for the baby and the parents.