Fox nursery quilt – Homemade baby quilt – Crib quilt – Baby boy quilt – Boy crib bedding item – Blanket – Custom made

Price: $120

–> Fox baby crib bedding or blanket is an original design, found only @ CreatedbyMammy!

– Custom made
– Machine washable and tumble dry low heat
– Final item will measure ~40 x 40 inches

–> What does the fox say? Our fox says "I'm adorable and one-of-a-kind"! This fox blanket has 3 layers: the front, middle batting layer of warm&natural, and the backing. The 3 layers are custom machine quilted together by Mammy and machine bound.

When you purchase this listing you are asking us to use our Fox quilt pattern (examples shown in pictures); but you would like to choose the colors. After purchasing this listing please message us with your colors for:
1. Birds & eggs
2. Tree (brown or gray)
3. Fox bow or tie
4. Fox body (brighter orange or darker orange or red)
5. Fabric for back of quilt (Examples of backs is shown in Picture#5, but we can order others)
6. The bird nest

–> When purchasing this quilt please specify what Fox quilt you want from our example pictures AND what quilt back OPTION you want (choose from picture #5). Thanks!

–> Name personalization is optional ($10/12letters); please follow link to add a name to your quilt:

–> We would like to emphasize that while we may use the same pattern and strive to replicate the process perfectly; each quilt will be different in some way or other. If there is a particular quilting style or "thing" about the quilt that you really like, please make us aware of that and we will be aware of that as we go into the project. We make each quilt by hand and these are NOT cookie cutter quilts.

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–> This quilt is a CreatedbyMammy pattern; we first created in November 2013! Please don't copy our design/pattern without our permission.