For Baby Boys

It is just so easy to select a gift for a baby boy. Ideas for baby boy gifts are as plenty as there are boys, mainly because boys are easy to please and less demanding. Again, almost all boys like the same things, the popular, the complex, the hyperactive, the mechanical and the rigorous. This means that there are a thousand and one baby boy gift ideas out there and once you get to the market place, the problem will be in making the choice not in finding the gift.

The only one mistake you can make is to think give a baby boy a gift that a baby girl would love. Although it might catch his interest in the first and second day, by the third day it will have been pushed to a corner, and ignored completely. This is not where elegance matters, or brand names, but the particular gift and how it involves the baby boy, physically and mentally. As you consider the following sample baby boy gift ideas, the simplest way we can summarize them is, ‘welcome to man world, or at least, boy world for now’.

Baby boy gifts

One item is guaranteed to get the baby boy hooked forever, a baby boy’s first golf club. This is a wonderfully unique model golf club personalized for a particular boy, in length. Inscribed onto the club head is the boy’s name and date of birth. Boys being predominantly sport lovers as a default, the club, which is made of fiberglass, welcomes him officially to the life of golf and sports in general. Boys like hyperactivity, try it and you will see. If that is not available, for money or stock reasons, then get the tee pee playhouse. This is a classically original idea, where a small teepee, usually made of canvas and plastic poles, can keep two bay boys active and fully engaged for hours daily, seven days a week without ever getting bored. The good thing is, and what the parents will usually love about it, is that the tee pee can be placed within the safe confines of a living room, bedroom or nursery.

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By now you should be having an idea of what constitutes perfect ideas for baby boy gifts. That is why a canvas wall art will then qualify as an authentic and impressive gift for a baby boy. It is actually a very new trend, where canvas paintings and or murals are replicated from famous children arts. What makes the trend hot is that you can get a personalized version of the canvas with the boy’s name inscribed, alongside a lovely message. The paintings are specifically designed for customization, most of them at least, and the sizes vary depending on your specifications. You might soon find the baby boy drawing a better painting within the minute than you could hope to draw in days, trust boys!

Tuxedo romper suit gift

Another among the hip baby boy gift ideas is the personalized sailboat. A custom made item with the boy’s name on it, the boat has a little painting constantly shouting “we have got a new little boy!” The bet is that you can guess why this will be adored by a baby boy, can’t you? Just like the little-man gift set would be. The awesome set has an adorable striped hat, an impressive pair of cotton trousers with a matching t-shirt. Additionally the gift set has a mini-photo album with which the parents can brag about their little one. Boys are not all muscle, they also love grooming.
A funky romper suit for instance will impress any baby boy. You see, the romper suit is a bold statement of stylish and masculinity, even with a bay boy. It actually has a labeled slogan “Sleep and tears are for the weak”! You will be an instant hit, once the boy learns what the slogan means. This could go well with a personalized baby boy fashion set, incorporating items of clothing from the hippest current fashion trend, each one of the personalized for the boy. The gift set could also have a monogrammed baby bodysuit, personalized or monogrammed cups, toys and caps and many other items that speak boldly of the boy’s presence in the family.

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Also on the grooming, another idea among the most popular baby boy gift ideas is the baby boy Winnie-the-pooh gift set. The gift set incorporates amazing baby surprises, each item adorned artfully with the popular character, Winnie the Pooh. The items in the gift keepsake box include a bib, a teether, six pairs of assorted socks, pieces of washcloths, a hooded towel and two receiving blankets.

For the mother, consider a designer baby boy gift basket with a bath time or meal time gift theme according to your choice. A bath time theme would incorporate such items as bibs, lotions, gels, shampoo, bath tabs, bathtub toys, burp clothes and baby towels. To make the items hit, since this will be loved by the mother more than the boy, get the boy catered for by packing the items on a red wagon or even a wooden rocking horse instead of the traditional basket.

What you have to ensure all though, whichever of these and many more available ideas for baby boy gifts, is that boys love activity and involvement. The toys you buy, and the items you buy or make must involve that element of boyhood. Then again, let the gifts have a light blue theme, leave the pinks and reds for the baby girls.