Custom Pink Nursery Letters, Hanging letters, Unique Gift, Wall letters, Handmade Nursery Decor, Elegant Baby Girl Letters, Kids Room

Price: $17.5

Custom Nursery Wall Letters, Elegant Personalized Name

Welcome to the ItsyBitsySugarNSpice Letter Shop- Children's room decor for girl and boy rooms. Display your child's name in his or her room with these hand crafted wall letters that are sure to be a family keepsake! Each letter is made with love and will be unique and different from the other. Letters busting with buttons, wrapped in jewels, hugged with lace and trim, are sure to make children's eyes sparkle and baby nursery's dance with design and color. Each decorative letter is custom made with high quality paper, supplies and embellishments to give your gifts the wow factor that you crave. These are great for all ages. From nursery, to children’s rooms, to pre-teen and teens’ rooms, to dorm rooms and sorority houses. They make unique gifts for baby showers, wedding gifts, birthdays, seasonal and special occasions. Browse the items of the shop where a world of imagination and bling are built. Whether it’s a name, one initial (or two, or three), your university or sorority/fraternity initials, a seasonal or special occasion greeting, bling’s the thing to make your space sparkle!

These samples express the diversity of designs which I have created. Browse through my shop items to inspire something special just for you. Decorative letters put names and initials in awesome designs, bright colors, and striking embellishments that will bring smiles to everyone’s faces each time they enter a room where these letters hang. They include names for both girls and boys, hair-bow holders, university initials, seasonal messages, etc. As you can see, the letters can dazzle with as little or as much bling as your taste demands. (Boys may prefer bravado to bling—animals, trucks, sports, monsters, etc.) The possibilities are endless , so, get ready to put your name in “brights!”

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Basic Description
-The wooden block-letters are 9-inches tall with white borders. Custom embellishments are of high quality and are added per artist’s discretion. (Note: If you would like to request specific embellishments, please send me a message and I will be happy to discuss specifics with you.)

-Key-holes are drilled into the back for hanging. (Removable Velcro hanging strips, not provided, can be used as well, and some clients have added ribbon to hang the letters.) The hair-bow holders include 3-foot ribbons for storing and displaying bows.

Ordering Information
Your personal creation begins upon requesting a custom order. Let me know the names, initials, and words you want, along with the age and gender of the recipient. Finally, add any information that you would like to see worked into the design such as a range of colors, specific interests, hobbies, talents, type of occasion being celebrated, university mascot or nickname, etc.)

-A minimum of one hair-bow holder or three letters per order is required.

-Items are packaged with extreme care, but in the unlikely event damages are incurred during the shipping processing or after the product is received by buyer, seller is not responsible for any damages.

-Colors and embellishments may vary slightly from samples shown and will be applied at the discretion of the seller.

-Keyholes are not drilled by the seller and seller will not be responsible for damages or accidents incurred during or after hanging of product.
Photographs of products sold to buyers may be shown by seller as displays in seller’s shop.

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Customer satisfaction is extremely important to me. If you are dissatisfied with your product, please contact me immediately.

Price shown is PER LETTER not for full name.

Hanging: Letters come with key-hole on back side. (No hangers are included.)

Orders will ship within one week of order placement. Shipping costs for bow holders is $6.00 and for letters, $10.00.