Crochet Baby Blanket Yellow & Variegated Purple Heirloom Handmade Afghan Throw Baby Girl Blanket

Price: $39.99

Every handmade heirloom quality crochet blanket, afghan, I make will be a unique pattern of color, a one of a kind handcrafted treasure, made with love for your baby boy or girl or yourself. My crochet throw blankets are made for anyone from babies, to toddlers, to teens, to adults; just looking for something to keep warm with. They can last forever, unless they become a “woobie,” when properly cared for.

This is where I tell you the most important part; Afghans like sweaters should be washed alone on the delicate cycle and dried on a low or no heat setting for best results. Being a mother of 4, I know, this sounds like a chore and I have just lost some of your interest as a customer. Please read this before you leave; the yarn I use is acrylic and will dry super fast even without heat.

This baby girl crochet afghan is great for your child's play pen, crib bedding, stroller/ pram, car seat travel, or a picture day photo prop.

This, Ready To Ship, Finished Heirloom Handmade Crochet Afghan throw baby blanket patterned in Yellow and Variegated Purple, measures 29"x 28" OR approx. 73cm x 71cm.

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~~“Woobie” disclaimer; If a child falls madly in love with a blanket and carries it everywhere, and drags it through the play yard in mud and dirt, where you have to sneak it away to wash it every once in a while, and takes it grocery shopping with mom, and takes it to preschool for nap time, and watches cartoons with it, sits with it at supper, and has to have it every night to fall asleep for the next few years, it is now a “woobie” and it will not last forever, sadly, but it was the best thing you ever bought! ~~


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