Creative Baby Gift Themes

A collection of gifts can look all jumbled up and without any harmony or coordination. Sample this; blue socks there, a bottle of lotion, a baby book, a blanket and so on. What is the coordination here? Doesn’t it seem as this guy was buying everything and all things? What principle guided the decision? Can these gifts make an impact once unwrapped by the parents during a baby shower?

Of course not! The gifts are definitely superb. But there is no harmony between the different items. There is a theme deficiency. That is what baby gift themes refer to, the harmony that guides the purchase of gift items and which ties them together to a unit. Much like baby nursery themes where the items, make, design, color and artwork featured has a harmonious display. Baby shower gift themes require that you decide on what you want to buy and then to but a cohesive unit of that, and only that. Follow this, so that you get the idea fully.

baby gift themes -bathtub gift set

Start by deciding on a particular theme, and many options of that are available. One such theme is the bedtime gift theme, where you fill a gift basket with items to be used by the baby when going to bed or when in the bed. A bedtime baby gift theme will include such items as, feety pyjamas, cotton t-shirts, blankets, baby bottles, calming soaps and lotions, soothing music/sounds player, lullaby CD’s, teddy bears, bottle warmer, nursery books for bedtime stories, sleep positioner and such. This means whenever the baby is going to sleep the mother will solely rely on your gifts, got it? That is how to make the ultimate impact with creative baby gift themes.

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Another one would be a bathtub gift theme. In this, you will go out to buy all or most of the necessities in bathing the baby so that once again, bath time will be exclusively, or at least mainly on your gifts. Every time the baby has a bath, your name will surface again on the mind. Maximal impact with baby gifts, just because of the theme. A bathtub gift theme could incorporate such items like a baby bathtub filled with colored washcloths, shampoos, hooded baby towels, lotions, soaps, gels, bubble bath, baby bathrobes, bathtub baby toys like rubber ducks (toys a baby can play with during the bath, while in the tub), bathwater thermometer, baby towels and such items.

Actually, creative baby gift themes are becoming very popular nowadays among parents and baby shower guests because it seems so thoughtful and organized. A parent can actually indicate the theme each guest should use in purchasing gifts, such that the gifts are spread out to the needs of a baby through out the day, and not have too many items for the same purpose and none for others. That is why we said that baby gift themes are centered on functionality. Most themes are relevant to a particular daily activity in the life of a baby.

Sample this, a feeding time baby gift theme! Again, ensure that every time the new mother is feeding the baby, you are the hero or heroine in her mind. Let the gift basket have such items as baby bottles, sippy cups, baby bowls, baby utensils, bibs, burping clothes, bottle cleaning supplies and such. Whether or not the baby can use the items immediately or a while alter, the parents will adore the convenience of having the items ready, awaiting the baby to grow up.

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Another of the creative baby gift themes you can try out is the reading time baby gift theme where the gift basket is laden with a vast variety of baby books; story books, picture books, drawing pads and other accessories like pencils and crayons. You can also include your personalized book for the baby, with her name printed. In fact, you can make the reading theme to be based on a particular author. Fantastic, isn’t it? Let’s say for instance that you chose Dr. Seuss to be the reading theme author, then in the gift pack or basket, you will include such stories as The Cat in the Hat, Horton Hears a Who, Green Eggs and Ham etc.

You can thus create any theme, and follow it through until your gifts are functionally compatible, harmonious and with maximal impact. The best of the creative baby gift themes is perhaps a memory baby gift theme where a memory gift basket helps the parents to record all the precious memories of the baby’s young life. The items for this theme could be a scrapbook, scrapbook stickers, a photo album, a memory book and picture frames. Please get thematic in your next shopping spree for baby gifts, will you?