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This quilt was constructed in my home studio in Hershey PA where you can smell chocolate being made every day. This quilt is colorful and would be perfect for a little boy who loves construction equipment. It measures approximately 40 x 46 and given its larger size it would be perfect as a crib quilt and then would work well as your little man transitions to a toddler bed. It could also easily be used as a playmat — and given the bright colors any child would find it stimulating. The construction equipment is framed by a stripe and a border of red.

It would also make a great present for that toddler birthday party you plan on attending — once the presents and ice cream and cake are gone — this quilt will remain and remind your child of this special time in his life. This quilt is simply adorable!! The pictures do not do justice to the beauty of this quilt.

The backing fabric also features construction equipment — on white background. Either side is equally appealing — and either side could be used. So in essence you are getting two quilts for the price of one!

A quilt is three layers stitched together, with the middle layer being a natural cotton batting. With warm and natural cotton batting between the layers which contains no resins and/or glues. It was professionally quilted on a long arm quilting machine using a random meander stitch. Stitches are even, tight, and dense which makes it very high quality lifetime quilt. A traditional double-fold coordinating binding around the edges ensures this quilt will stand the test of time!

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After completion I machine washed the quilt on gentle cycle using a gentle laundry detergent and tumbled dried on low heat till damp, then hung dry. I love the way the fabrics and batting shrink up around the quilting stitches giving it that comfy crinkled look that just makes you want to pick it up and snuggle. Care includes wash on delicate, tumble dry low heat.

This quilt is ready to be sent!!

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