Choosing the Best Car Seats for Twins

Choosing the best car seats for twins has been a hustle for parents with a double blessing. In most cases parents have resulted to using two distinct car seats for each twin. In the recent past however, we have seen new entrants in the car seat market provide viable alternatives for such parents.

One perfect example which we will use here to analyze some basic requirements of a car seat for twins is the tandem double strollers. These strollers have a front or back or inclining seating configuration. As strollers they are preferred mainly because of their ease in maneuverability even in narrow spaces like shopping malls and sidewalks. But more importantly, and perhaps what makes them a favorite of twin’s parents, is their ability to convert into baby car seats for twins, much more like the carrier style car seats we have as separate products.

car seat for twins

Tandem double strollers are safe and very convenient baby car seats for twins all the same and they have allowed parents to transfer their two babies to and from the car to the stroller frame with ease. The car seats for twins are of course heavier and require more room in your backseat, but they have features to safely strap and harness your baby while you take the wheel. Mostly featuring a side-by-side model, the baby car seats for twins allow the babies to have their own compartments, each with the same comfort and safety standards.Tandem double strollers also have convenient storage baskets and cup-holders to ensure that the twins are well catered for especially during long travels via road.

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One special product line to look for, which creatively incorporates all the features highlighted above, is the Graco Strollers and Car Seats. Better known as a travel system, these cars seats are designed for twins or close sized siblings. They double up as strollers and are ideal for either the experienced or new parent. For this particular travel system brand name, there are so many designs, colors, patterns and sizes to choose from, and you will be spoilt for choice in any local store whether online or offline.

Basically, a travel system works in such a way that it has a stroller frame and an infant car seat which perfectly fits with the frame while in a standing position. A car seat for twins usually have a pair of infant seats that can thus fit on an equally sized pair of stroller frames joined to form one stroller. They are basically a pair of car seats whose base is first installed in the vehicle allowing the car seat to be disconnected on and off from the base at will. You just leave the base in the vehicle, fit the twins on the stroller and walk off as if you have just come from next door.

Such travel systems are therefore the best car seats for twins. Imagine this, you pick your twins and place them side by side in comfortable, safe and ultra-convenient car seats for twins and drive off without a worry about the safety of your two angels. After traveling for miles you eventually reach your destination and of course you cannot leave the babies behind. You want to enjoy the walk with your babies, leave alone the fact that that is the safest thing every mother would opt for. You cannot carry the babies in your hands, can you? Definitely not. So you pick up the twins, just as they are in the car seats, you actually pick them up with the car seats, and snap the seats onto a fitting stroller frame. Zap, you have a stroller now. Sounds like a fancy daydream, doesn’t it?

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A car seat for twins when purchased as part of a travel system is really cheap, incredibly comfortable, unbelievably convenient and so handy. Parents regard such systems as lifesavers especially when it comes to rearing twins alone.  You transport the twin babies from home to the road, from the road to the sidewalk and from the sidewalk to the car again and back to the house, without ever waking them from their comfortable sleep or disturbing them in any way. The cars seats also have storage for diapers and child care accessories so if you are camping you don’t need to make numerous trips back to the car for diapers and stuff.

Again, even without including the stroller frame, the best car seats for twins are compact for travel even in small cars, as opposed to having two individual car seats for the two babies. Nonetheless, ensure that the car seats are super-lightweights for easy maneuverability and transfer.  The material used, despite being light and none-bulky, must be firm and reliable.