Baby Girl Rag Quilt, Crib Quilt, Toddler Quilt, Nursery Blanket, Up Parasol, 35 X 48. Pink, Cream, Green, Handmade, Ready to Ship

Price: $100

Baby Girl Rag Quilt / Crib Quilt / Nursery Blanket / Toddler Rag Quilt

Ready To Ship!!

Up Parasol – Heather Bailey

Baby/Toddler/Crib Size 35 X 48

The top of this adorable spring-like quilt features 9 different prints from the Up Parasol collection from Heather Bailey. A combination of pinks and greens in floral prints, this is an eye catching combination The center layer is cotton batting, while the back is soft pink flannel. All Fabrics used are top quality and 100% Cotton.

The exposed seams have been carefully clipped to give that raggedy softness.

All of my rag quilts have been washed and dried once to start the ragging process, and will become even more snuggly and soft with each subsequent washing. No special care needed. These quilts are meant to be used and loved!


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