The process of coming up with the right decoration themes for your baby nursery is a long but very simple one. If you are expecting to have a baby, then you have come a long way in this process. Perhaps you are not even aware of this fact but that is the stark truth. What remains is the most important thing - ensuring that the nursery is ready when the baby finally arrives.

Getting started on this final step is very easy. Just keep thinking about things such as furniture, paintings, wallpapers, beddings, accessories, and so on. In other words, it is important for you to give the ideas a serious thought by noting them down. This requires you to have a notebook on which you will be noting down ideas as they flash across your conscience.

When you have noted down all the important ideas, it is imperative that you come up with a theme. It is decoration themes that will enable you organize your thoughts into a harmonized entity that can be executed smoothly and perfectly. Coming up with a decision should be easy especially when the gender of the child is known. When you have been cutting out magazine pictures that you like, you will definitely find it easy to buy beddings that match or closely resemble the patterns that greatly fascinate you.

Research is definitely essential. Your own ideas are only important as far as cultivating interest in the topic is concerned otherwise there is a whole subject of baby nursery décor to be researched on. Remember it is all about child care and there are subtle issues that need expert advice. This is why you need to do online research for some time. Décor issues will come in later when you have completely understood the core and primary issues regarding nursery decorations.

You will find out that it is always good to check out the baby sections in stores when thinking about nursery decoration. Every store has a baby section. Check out for information on important products that are often used to decorate nurseries. Consider how well they match to your theme before buying them. The same section will increase your curiosity and creativity. In terms of bargains and deals, it is important to go for what you believe is worth the price tag.

It is not uncommon to find out that people normally forget to decorate nurseries depending on gender. This is a mistake that you need to avoid. Boys are naturally interested in some themes and not in others. For instance, they generally love masculine items such as cars, lorries and airplanes. On the other hands, girls easily fall in love with dolls. In case you are yet to know the gender of the child then plan for a theme that will be appropriate for either gender.

The best items to start with are always the beddings. The beddings are an integral part of what defines a theme. The theme becomes more and more defined as one looks out into other areas within the nursery. When it comes to selecting beddings, emphasis should be put on safety and comfort. Don’t buy any bedding that is not safe for the child just because it conforms perfectly to the theme that you are looking for. The child’s care should come first at all times.

In case you look back into the time when you were growing up, many timeless classics come into mind. Some of them include Raggedy Ann, Winnie the Pooh, Noah’s Ark and Paddington Bear. These classics are a very important source of inspiration for nursery décor design. You can even opt for one of these timeless styles.

When it comes to other areas such as furniture and the wall, the greatest risk is always overdoing it. Don’t make the room finally appear very heavily decorated or full of design clutter. Let the room decorations pass on a message of art; let every corner of the room have something that is attractive. Sometimes it is important to leave one corner of the nursery empty in order for artistic emphasis to be created.

When it comes to handling daily business in the nursery, you need to keep the theme style intact. How you do it is a very simple matter. You only need to pay attention to must-haves such as floor coverings and furniture pieces arrangements. From here you can focus on color patterns. When it comes to color, you can retract those colors that seem to be fading out. You can replace colors that are too soft for the growing child with brighter colors.

As the baby grows and time comes to carry him along during your outings or outdoor activities, it becomes necessary to buy a pushchair to carry him or her in. Perfect pushchairs are determined by certain key features and prevailing factors, some of these are discussed below.

The first consideration while choosing a perfect pushchair for your baby is your budget limitation. How much are you willing to spend on a pushchair? The fact is that pushchairs range in price with some costing as low as $50 and others as high as $400. Determine whether you want a top end pushchair or an economical one and specify on the amount available for the purchase.

Pushchairs can either be single purpose or multipurpose. Single purpose pushchairs are ideal for a simple job, such as a leisure walk with the baby in the park or around the house while some multipurpose pushchairs can be used as a car seat, a recline seat and an upright stationary baby holder. Determine beforehand which type of pushchair you want and for which purpose you will use it. It is advisable to buy a multipurpose pushchair, for you will find it ultimately economical and usable as the baby grows older.


Next, consider the nature of the terrain on which you will use the pushchair. Pushchairs designed for use on gravel, grass, tarmac or concrete floors are essentially different and cannot be used mutually on all grounds without being considerably wrecked. If you will be pushing the baby in a park, or using it on the flat city pavements or even within the home on a concrete floor, the pushchair must be able to handle the particular terrain; else it will be damaged before the price tag label is worn off. Consider buying an all-terrain pushchair, for even if it costs slightly more than a single terrain one it is a good pushchair that eliminates the worry of where you go with the baby.

The design of a good pushchair should also incorporate a reclining adjustable seat so that a newborn baby can be laid in it, a toddler can be sat on it, and a grown baby can seat upright on it. An adjustable seat will serve as a feeding position for the baby, which is then adjusted when the baby wants to seat facing you. The material used not only determines the durability of the pushchair but also the how washable it is, how easily it can be folded and how heavy it is while pushing. Perfect pushchairs incorporate metal parts, plastic parts and fabrics for the ultimate convenience in washing, folding and durability.

Again, most parents forget to consider the size and compactness of a good pushchair. However, as you choose a perfect push chair for your baby, remember to consider the fact that it has to be carried along during most drives and thus should fit in your car boot adequately. The dimensions and ability to fold the pushchair should be considered alongside the measurements of your boot space.

Most of these considerations are based on the pushchair itself. But a good pushchair must also factor in three important things namely:

1-Your personal needs, tastes and preferences since the pushchair you choose will project your class, tastes and preferences. The purpose for which you need the pushchair, whether to hold the baby in, to take the baby for walks or to carry the baby as you attend to other matters, also determine which pushchair you settle on.

2-Additionally, the height of the pushchair should be ideal for you to push in an upright position not folding your back. Perfect pushchairs come with adjustable heights of the handle to factor in the height of the pusher.

3-The baby's needs must also be considered, especially in regards to age and stage of development. Playful babies need space and flexibility. The baby might not wish to have a drab pushchair that covers his sight of the world outside the pushchair. So if the baby is far too small, a protectively covering pushchair will be ideal but as he or she grows up, a pushchair that allows him or her to view life outside will become more desirable. In this it is also essential to consider the baby’s weight and growth rate, so that the pushchair will safely carry him or her around for some time before he or she can walk.

4-Finally, when choosing the perfect pushchair for your baby, it is important that you consider your general lifestyle. If you walk a lot for instance, a good pushcart for you would be a sturdy model braced with lockable wheels and swivel wheels that are easy to maneuver around.

When an infant is only a few weeks old, its most powerful natural reflex is sucking. They will suck anything available including thumbs, something they start doing months before they are even born. The baby’s first feeding method is via sucking and when an object of sucking is introduced, it creates a calming and soothing effect on the baby. Doctors have attributed the great demand for pacifiers to cases where babies are increasingly not being breast-fed. Parents are subsequently satisfying their babies’ sucking instincts using pacifiers. In most cases, pacifier use is believed to be harmless. Medical research has however differed on this and identified many hazards posed by the non-nutritional sucking of pacifiers.


Basically a pacifier is any object that has been made from rubber and or plastic, to simulate the shape of a breast’s nipple or smooth ring. This is especially designed for the baby to suck on, as an activity but not as a means of feeding. In most developed states, pacifiers are used as a means of keeping a baby busy instead of breastfeeding. Like in instances when the mother is unable, unavailable or unwilling to breast feed. In developing countries, the use of pacifiers for babies is introduced very early in the childhood, with the hope that it will stimulate and speed the development of teeth.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has over the years given pacifiers a green light and expressed the view that there are minimal disadvantages involved in pacifier use. This is despite contemporary findings which link pacifiers with undesired repercussions to babies’ health.

The proponents of pacifier use claim that it reduces the baby’s risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). This has actually been supported by many studies as among the key advantages of pacifier use. Non-nutritive sucking helps keep the baby busy and thus allowing its caregivers time to concentrate on other activities that may be vital or mandatory. A pacifier easily creates a temporary distraction to buy the caregiver a few minutes. Again, those moments when the baby needs to be calmed of its rage, like a doctor’s visit during a blood test, a shot, or even during a hair cut or something like that, the pacifier will be the much needed distraction.

It is also a form of play for the baby, before he or she can develop strength and independence to keep himself or herself busy while alone. Another viable advantage for the use of pacifiers for babies is that it weans the baby off the sucking of thumbs and other unclean objects in its environs, which might threaten health. The calming and soothing effect that pacifiers have on even the most fussy of babies, make many parents to rank a pacifier as a must have, just as the diapers are.


Although a pacifier primarily satisfies the natural sucking instincts of an infant, several studies have reported that the use of a pacifier has many disadvantages. The most significant risks posed by the pacifier use on babies’ health include a cumulative failure of breast-feeding since the baby has learnt how to suck and get nothing out of

it. Even when the baby is given a breast to feed, the baby plays with the breast instead of extracting the milk. Again, there have been conclusive findings that long-lived pacifier use causes dental deformities, since the rubber rubs on the young structures of the teeth before they are strong enough to bite, hold and press against each other. Medics have also highlighted that among babies using pacifiers, there is a high recurrent risk of acute otitis media. And of course there is that possibility of fatal or near fatal accidents, like when the rubber nip is swallowed or of resultant constipation due to saliva increase in the mouth.

Further, the disadvantages of using pacifiers for babies have even greater consequences and repercussions on the babies’ health. At later stages of life, the babies who used pacifiers have a common development of a type of latex allergy, serious tooth decay and oral ulcers, due to injuries and deformities inflicted by the rubber when the mouth was far too young. A baby can easily become very dependent on the pacifier such that it will never sleep without the pacifier in mouth and the moment it falls off or is removed, the baby wakes up. When parents make the effort to consult midwives, pediatricians and nurses before they introduce pacifiers for babies, they always change their minds, having been briefed of the potential disadvantages.

Gone are the days when parents could tell which was the favorite toy of their baby, when one toy could be used by several babies in the family, and when a simple toy handmade by the local shop owner were all a parent needed. Trends in have changed and if you want to give the new baby a toy, the local store won’t do. You have to go to the specialty boutiques and find something more complicated than the bright toy trains of your toddler days or the worn stuffed bunnies you bought for your nephew a few years ago.

Today, baby toys gifts come from giant, impersonal conglomerations specializing in commercial toys. Whether you like it or not, when the baby learns to watch, listen and talk, he or she will ask for a toy from Toys R Us or Babies R Us, having seen an ad on TV. Research has shown that many toy store owners stocking small traditional toys are complaining that trends in baby toys gifts are changing far too fast for their good. Their small, specialized toys are absorbing dust on the counters as parents order toys with name brands, conglomerate logos and huge selections. This is not because all parents have turned into big spenders or because parents no longer like the small personalized toys they adored in their childhood, rather it is because their children will not look at such a purchase twice. Children want what they see on TV, what peers have etc.

Baby toys gifts
Baby toys gifts

Old-fashioned toy stores have been phased out by specialty baby boutiques. Ironically, very few parents purchase toys from the ultra trendy department stores today since the specialty boutiques now offer a cozier, hassle-free, tranquil and personal atmosphere to choose the perfect toy for babies, with expertise assistance on the ready at your side as you make the choice. Again, these boutiques provide even higher quality and more variety of the baby-pleasing toys than the big department stores. But the most important reason why boutiques have picked on is because of an emerging and soon to dominate shopping style, the most significant of the latest trends in . People want to shop online, they want exotic baby toys gifts from all over the world to be shipped to their doorstep, they want to subscribe for regular purchases of particular brands of toys. These is what has made boutiques to win over the department stores finally, online toy shopping.

The second avenue that displays a change of trends in baby gifts is the baby clothes front. The hip of fashion, the trend of designer clothes, the brand name on the tag, and the seasonal collections, were considerations limited to adult clothes a while ago, and only to those who were in the upper helms of fashion. Not anymore, designer baby clothing are also on that shelve now. If you purchase a gift and wrap it up, take it to the mother, she will most definitely appreciate if it is an item of designer baby clothing. Traditionally, such a mother would spread out the clothes, determine colors and size and then give a comment. Today however, the first thing she is likely to check out for is the label and tag stitched on the garment.

Designer baby clothing
Designer baby clothing

What she wants to establish is not the laundry specs for the item, not whether its machine washable or not, but the brand name of the designer, the collection (fall, winter or summer) etc. Woe unto you if you picked the item for its color and size. Latest trends in baby gifts show that parents are now very intimate with the materials used in the baby clothes, organic or not, the repute of the manufacturing company, the design type and other considerations that were never an issue a while ago. So, if you want the mum to dress up the baby in your gift clothes when going out, as often as possible, be specific on these basics.

On the other end, there is an emerging trend, where more and more parents and givers of baby gifts prefer personalized baby gifts over the John-Dick-and-Harry types. Latest trends in baby gifts indicate a preference for personalized baby gifts as a way of expressing love and appreciation not only for the baby but also for the parent. From handmade gifts to custom orders in local stores, gifts are being embroidered and engraved with baby statistics like birth dates and names. This is especially so for babies born to families with many children, and is a way of identifying that gift for the specific baby and not anyone else in the family.

That is why it is becoming very, very hard, for a baby to inherit the gifts of her of his elder siblings, since the gifts are personalized to the siblings and remain with them even past babyhood. So for you to get that one gift that will move the baby and the family try out personalized baby gifts, for that is now chic in the prevailing trends in baby gifts.